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Empress Chan LLC

Safe Space Phone Call 🌸

Safe Space Phone Call 🌸

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This is an hour long session 

This is a phone call that will be completed some time in May 2024. I will contact you to schedule the phone call date and time. 

This phone call is meant to assist you with your mental health, emotional health and spiritual growth.
The reason it is considered a “safe space” is because it allows you to be completely open and vulnerable without worrying about judgment and anyone telling your business. I am contracted with the higher realm to never repeat anything that is mentioned in these sessions. I also operate on the frequency of love so there’s no judgment and no negativity coming from my end. 

Feel free to be 100% honest about anything you’re holding in, any physical health issues, etc. 

I will be assisting you by being all ears and giving you advice (from myself and the angelic realm), giving you recommendations & I will be scanning your energy field for your growth. 

You will receive a follow up text/email within 24 hours after the phone call. 

Think of this phone call like the therapy you never knew you needed! We’re focused on growth & clearing your mental space  💕🌸


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